3 Ways PLM Facilitates Innovation in the Food, Beverage, Cosmetics and Personal Care Industries

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A robust new product development (NPD) programme will result in capturing the attention of today's discerning shoppers. But not if you rely on outdated methods and paper-based systems to drive your innovation process.

In fact, research shows that digitally enabled innovation allows consumer goods companies to bring new products to market 50% faster, at a third lower cost and with double the ROI*. And there's no better solution than an industry-specific product lifecycle management (PLM) software to do that.

Download this guide to discover the 3 ways PLM technology, specifically helps manufacturers of food, beverage, personal care and cosmetics goods to:

  • Centralise all related information
  • Provide features for your dedicated professionals' exacting demands
  • Contribute to the cohesion of projects through the participation of multiple departments
This guide will walk you through how with the right tool, you can streamline your product development processes, foster innovation, and reduce time to market. 

*Source: The next frontier in consumer goods: Digitally enabled innovation - Stacey Haas, Rob Loughlin, Brian Quinn, and Erik Roth

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