Elevate Your Food Product Development with Seamless Regulatory Compliance

Watch On-Demand: "Compliance By Design: How to Automate Regulatory Compliance with Foodchain ID"

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Watch the on-demand video below as industry leaders, Aptean PLM and FoodChain ID, discuss how to empower your business with regulatory compliance automation tools and knowledge that helps you:

  • Discover how to navigate the complex web of global food regulations effortlessly.
  • See how integrated systems ensure robust traceability.
  • Learn how to reduce time-to-market and enhance collaboration across your teams.
  • Master the art of compliant labeling and substantiated health claims to build consumer trust.

Your Presenters

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Stoddard Horn

Account Executive
Aptean PLM Lascom Edition

Felicia Falco

Solutions Consultant
Aptean PLM Lascom Edition

Clinton Chadwick

VP, Strategic Partnerships
FoodChain ID

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