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Discover how food and beverage experts are tackling today's top challenges, from operational resilience to navigating digital transformation.

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Adapt and Grow: Driving Success in Adverse Conditions

Real solutions for Food Businesses Facing Adversity 

Despite supply chain challenges and rising costs, 77% of UK food companies anticipate revenue growth. Discover their secrets by downloading Aptean's latest eGuide.

Gain exclusive insights on: 

  • Operational Resilience: Learn from Gary Ingham, Head of IT at Burgess Farms, about building robust infrastructure to weather any storm. 
  • Intelligent Automation: Explore the journey from automation to AI with Agri-food consultant, Jonathan Tole, and its impact on food production.
  • Digital Transformation: Receive actionable advice from Aptean F&B Solutions Expert, Lee Walker, on aligning technology investments with business goals.
  • Growth Mindset: Understand how leading companies maintain growth amidst ongoing disruption, with perspectives from our expert panel.