Food and Beverage 2020 Global Symposium

November 12, 9:30 a.m. Eastern

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Food for Thought: Are you ready for what’s next in Food & Beverage?

The global food and beverage industry is navigating constant change and must be ready to flex and adapt to what’s coming next.

Food producers must continuously to look for ways to increase efficiency, reduce waste and improve margins, whilst retaining the agility to react quickly to ever changing consumer or customer demands and regulatory requirements. In addition, the global transformational impact of COVID-19 has prompted many food leaders to re-asses the organizational and operational readiness of their businesses to compete both today and in the future.

Technology and innovation will play a huge role in ensuring our global food supply chain remains dynamic, transparent, sustainable and safe.

  • Aptean Food and Beverage Symposium 2020 will bring together global food industry leaders united by a common passion for a tech-enabled innovative food system for the future.
  • Join your peers to discuss the trends and challenges of our future food industry, the opportunities these will create, and the need for innovative solutions across the entire food supply chain, from field to fork.
  • Hear from industry thought leaders and join an expert panel for an industry roundtable on What's Next?
  • Exclusive access to the findings of our Food & Beverage Industry Trend Report.

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At Aptean, we know food. Our customers include meat processors, fresh produce producers, bakeries, dairies and food manufacturers, so we understand that each industry deals with specific challenges that require specific food and beverage software solutions.

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