Global Food and Beverage Industry Trends Report

In recent years, we've watched technology change the way companies operate and innovate with respect to how food is produced and delivered to consumers. This year, as global companies faced challenges brought on by the pandemic, certain vulnerabilities were highlighted across the supply chain and the adoption of these technologies began to accelerate.

In an effort to uncover how the industry is rising to these challenges, we partnered with Reuters to survey over 300 executives in the food and beverage industry to ask them various questions that could help us gauge which sectors are focusing heavily on digital transformation and how this will change the industry over the next five years.

The findings included in this report cover clear trends that aim to help food businesses understand the state of the industry and enable them to make the right investments now and in the future.

Here's a glimpse into just a few of the findings you'll see within the full report:

  • Impact of pandemic on adoption of technology: 73% of respondents have maintained or increased their investment in digital technologies
  • Where digital technology is having the biggest impact: 51% of respondents say supply chain operations is one of the top business functions they benefitted from with technology
  • Biggest trends to watch in the next two years: 79% of food and beverage companies are prioritizing action on sustainability

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