Seeking the Right Industrial Manufacturing ERP Solution?

Aptean's Industrial Manufacturing ERP Request for Proposal Template can help!

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Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions have become critical for the success of industrial manufacturing businesses like yours in today’s modern world. If you’re in search of the right ERP system for your organization, you’re likely aware that there are a number of options on the market - and not all are created equal.

To overcome this challenge and conduct thorough evaluations, you’ll need to file requests for proposals (RFPs) built on a robust template that covers all your needs and operational functions.

Using our in-depth industry experience and long track record of serving businesses like yours, we created this template to serve as an excellent starting point for your assessments of industrial manufacturing ERPs and the vendors that provide them.

With this template, you can get the complete picture for every solution you’re considering in terms of: 
  • Purchasing and Manufacturing capabilities 
  • Engineering including product configuration 
  • Accounting management
  • Order entry/modifications 
  • Industry-specific tools
Interested in learning more and obtaining a copy of our  Industrial Manufacturing ERP RFP template, for free? Complete the form on this page, and we’ll reach out to you with the next steps in your ERP selection process.

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