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Creating a robust request for proposal (RFP) template can be a tall task, especially if you've never taken on an implementation project like this.

You’ve heard that IP Sequence Search solutions can have a transformative effect on businesses like yours. You’ve assessed your organization’s needs and goals and shopped around to understand what offerings are available. Now, you’re faced with a critical step; evaluating how well each of these systems best fits your operations.

We've partnered with almost all the large Pharma, Biotech, and Agriculture companies to roll out IP sequence search solutions to their organization. Using that experience, we've pulled together a comprehensive RFP template for you to use as a checklist when sizing up your candidates.

With this template, you can get the answers you need to form a clear picture of your options and how they stack up against one another. You’ll be able to assess just what each of the solutions you’re considering provides in terms of:

  • Security, Access, and Data Protection
  • Business Model and Support
  • Sequence Content
  • Sequence Comparison
  • Search Result Analysis
  • Reporting and Sharing 
  • Full-Text Searching

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