The Challenger Brand Recipe Book:

7 Ingredients to Accelerate the Growth of Your Food & Beverage Company

Are You Ready to Challenge the Status Quo?

Complete the form to learn more about the 7 key ingredients and technical tools that challenger brands utilize and how they're critical to help your business create a recipe for rapid, efficient brand growth: 

  • PLM, OEE and ERP: Quality Control and Innovation Drivers
  • ERP, OEE and EAM: The Manufacturing Automation Trifecta
  • Cloud Software: A Flexible Platform For Scalable Growth

The Challenger Project states a "challenger brand is defined, primarily, by a mindset – it has business ambitions bigger than its conventional resources, and is prepared to do something bold, usually against the existing conventions or codes of the category, to break through."

In a marketplace as dynamic and saturated as the food and beverage industry, the key to success is being a challenger brand. Aptean researched challenger brands, some well-known and some up and coming, to find the commonalities between these brands. 

In this whitepaper we'll dive into:

  • The 7 key ingredients we uncovered
  • Implementable methods and best practices
  • Real world examples of each ingredient
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