3 Key Ways PLM Software Facilitates Innovation in the Food, Beverage, Cosmetics and Personal Care Industries

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Want to bring new products to market up to 50% faster, at a third lower cost and with double the ROI?

Innovation is a necessity for keeping your consumer goods brand relevant and profitable. To capture the attention of today’s discerning shoppers, stay ahead of the competition and expand your business’s share of the market, you’ll need to push innovation in new product development (NPD) and iterate on existing lines to tune them to the preferences of the moment.

With purpose-built technology, overcome the challenges and complexity of new product development. Systems act as a unified repository for all related information, come packed with features for the exacting tasks of your dedicated professionals and facilitate cohesion as projects progress through the contributions of multiple departments.

Download this whitepaper as we breakdown the specific features of an industry-specific PLM software, including: 

  • Centralized data in a "Single Source of Truth"
  • Specialized tools to master the development process
  • Company-wide platform for collaboration and innovation

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