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Your Industry Challenges

Safety and Quality

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Consumers, vendors and wholesalers are demanding more transparency when it comes to food safety, product origins and ingredient quality. To comply with increasing standards, it’s critical that you have the tools in place to track product throughout the supply chain and set up mandatory safety audits at all stages of deconstruction and processing.

Variable Weight

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The constant variation in product weight at most meat, poultry and seafood processing plants can lead to implications throughout your organization if product weight and inventory measurements are inaccurate. Software built for the meat industry makes it possible to make decisions based on the actual weights of product in inventory, ensuring you stay competitive.

Yield Management

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Without a true understanding of the cost of production in your facility, you risk leaving substantial amounts of money on the table. Utilizing software to get a better understanding of your production costs with real-time inventory, processing and purchasing data makes it possible to critically evaluate your operations continuously and maximize profitability.


Organizations That Trust Aptean

Everything we do at The Metalworking Group is done through [Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP]. It's our bible, our go-to for just about everything we do in the company.

— Doug Watts, CEO, Metalworking Group

[Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP] allows us to capture critical information and analytics for improving and further automating business processes giving us a competitive advantage.

— Robert Berger, IT Director, Boston Centerless