Ready for
Reduced Fleet Costs and
Optimized Operations

Our Aptean Routing & Scheduling fleet savings calculator is built to identify and measure the potential savings for your business by leveraging advanced route optimization software. Simply input a few of your fleet figures to see how much your business can save by implementing a robust routing and scheduling solution to optimize your transportation operations.

Benefits of Aptean Routing & Scheduling Paragon Edition

  • Increase Vehicle Utilization
    Ensure your fleets are utilized effectively and used to full capacity where possible
  • Maximize Reporting Functionality
    Gain deeper insight into the daily route, vehicle and driver functionalities for better analysis and operational improvements
  • Improve Customer Service
    Go above and beyond for your customers with enhanced delivery communication capabilities
  • Cut Transportation Costs by up to 30%
    Smarter, more advanced route planning will not only better serve your customers and operational processes but can gain you fleet cost savings of up to 30%

Calculate Fleet Savings

Disclaimer: The estimates are based on data extrapolated from NPTC and Aptean's expertise. The tool makes some assumptions based on the inputs you provide, as well as industry benchmarks to simplify and speed up data entry. The estimated savings provided by this ROI calculator are for discussion purposes only and are not binding on either you or Aptean. Your actual savings may be higher or lower than the estimate. More detailed and specific operational savings can be provided by our solution specialists and will require a more in-depth analysis of your business.