Deliver Dynamic Product Development with PLM Solutions

Product Tour

As consumer demand for more innovative, sustainable products and increased transparency across the product design chain continues to grow, it is vital for consumer goods businesses to be responsive, agile and have a strong product development process in place. 

Using technology to optimise collaboration both internally and externally is critical to create new products efficiently and reduce time to market.

Join us for to learn how Aptean's PLM solution, designed specifically for food and beverage and cosmetic manufacturers, can help to ensure all departments have access to the right data and collaborate for an accelerated and successful product launch.

During the webinar, we will take an in-depth look at how Aptean PLM Lascom Edition helps you to:
  • Gain full visibility across your entire project management process 
  • Achieve total collaboration both internally and externally
  • Learn how investing in industry-specific, cloud-based technologies can provide you with a flexible and robust foundation to better manage processes and work more efficiently

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