On Your Mark, Get Set, Scan! How Shop Floor Control Can Save Production Time

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What if your operators and supervisors could clock in right at their workstation with just the scan of a QR code or RFID?

And what if a work bundle QR code/RFID tag could be scanned and automatically notify you about the bundle's location—and tell you how quickly it's moving through the factory?

Watch the on-demand recording of this On Your Mark, Get Set, Scan webinar as we discuss the benefits of Shop Floor Control in manufacturing, and how it can help save you time in your production by:

  • Empowering front-line workers by providing personal work stats showing progress and efficiency so they can meet their production goals and get the job done fast
  • Providing accurate, real-time data directly at your fingertips, therefore removing the need for gummed sheets or other paper methods of turning in work at the end of each shift
  • Gaining insight into your production with up-to-the-second information for complete visibility, allowing for better decision making
Ready to take a closer look at how you can save on production time with Aptean Apparel Shop Floor Control? Watch now to learn more. 
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