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Aptean Pay allows you to receive payments daily on your ACH and Credit Card transactions. Our ROI calculator simulates the potential return on investment you could realize by leveraging Aptean Pay as your payment processing solution. Simply enter your current metrics to calculate your potential savings.

It’s clear that a streamlined accounts receivable process reduces days sales outstanding (DSO) and frees up cash flow faster. A less obvious benefit is that reducing manual data entry also eliminates input errors, and allows your employees to focus on other revenue-generating tasks and the core of your business.

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Aptean Pay Savings Calculator

Savings With Aptean Pay

Estimated average processing time was derived from industry averages.

Cost per invoice was calculated by dividing the monthly cost of processing invoices by the average number of monthly invoices. New cost per invoice was calculated by subtracting estimated monthly savings from original monthly processing costs and diving by your average number of invoices per month.

Estimated monthly savings was calculated by taking expected savings % and dividing it by the monthly cost of processing invoices. The estimated monthly cost of processing invoices was derived using industry averages.

Estimated yearly savings was calculated by multiplying the estimated monthly savings by 12 months.

Disclaimer: The estimates are based on data extrapolated from industry insight as well as Aptean’s expertise. This calculator uses basic industry standards to create an estimated ROI. The tool makes some assumptions based on the inputs you provide, as well as industry benchmarks to simplify and speed up data entry. The estimated savings provided by this ROI calculator are for discussion purposes only and are not binding on either you or Aptean. Your actual savings may be higher or lower than the estimate. More detailed and specific operational savings can be provided by our solution specialists and will require a more in-depth analysis of your business.


Benefits of Aptean Pay

  • Get Paid Faster – Stop waiting around for checks to arrive or following up with your customers for payments. Now you can securely save credit cards on file, pre-authorize digital payments, and capture the funds as soon as an invoice is generated.
  • Automate Time-Consuming Accounting Processes – With Aptean Pay, payment transactions are automatically captured in your ERP, automating Accounts Receivable reconciliation.
  • Payer Portal – The payer portal offers instant PCI-compliance with little work. Send payment requests via email or SMS and receive funds without touching a credit card, or handling delicate customer information. Your customer can make payments at their convenience from any web-enabled device.
  • Improve Financial Reporting Accuracy – Since Aptean Pay reconciles payment transactions in your ERP nearly instantly, you can pull more accurate, up-to-date financial reports.
  • Get Started in Minutes – Setup is quick and painless. Simply create a merchant account, set your pay-out frequency settings, enter your bank account information and start accepting digital payments right away.
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