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Simply input a few of your proof of delivery figures and see how much your business can save by implementing a more advanced proof of delivery solution to transform your processes and simplify delivery operations.

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Here's what your delivery operation could save annually when you invest in our electronic proof of delivery software:

Estimated Yearly Savings:

Currency exchange rates are based on data extrapolated from Actual rates may vary.

Assumptions: Savings calculation based on black and white printing at an average cost of 5.5 cents per print.
Dispute Management: Total calculations and savings based on average cost of $10 USD per invoice and estimated invoice dispute of 10%.
Shipment Inquiries: Total calculations and savings based on average of 15% of invoices and estimated cost of $10 USD per enquiry.

Disclaimer: The estimates are based on data extrapolated from industry insight including Industry Week, Toner Buzz, Fidesic as well as Aptean’s expertise. This calculator uses basic industry standards to create an estimated savings cost and that customers (specifically those in consumer goods and food/beverage) with large return and/or overages, shortages and damages may realise a 5-10% increase in their ROI due to loss, damage, theft, spoilage and so on. The tool makes some assumptions based on the inputs you provide, as well as industry benchmarks to simplify and speed up data entry. The estimated savings provided by this savings calculator are for discussion purposes only and are not binding on either you or Aptean. They are an indicative number of your savings potential and your actual savings may be higher or lower than the estimate. More detailed and specific operational savings can be provided by our solution specialists and will require a more in-depth analysis of your business.

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