Cut Transport Planning Costs & Transform Processes with Aptean Route Execution

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Discover How to Reduce Fleet Operating Costs, Improve On-time Performance & Transform Transport Planning Processes

The ability to reduce fleet operating costs, improve on-time performance, enhance customer satisfaction, and keep drivers happy can only be achieved if the transport plan is followed closely. Efficient route planning is the key to your operational success. 

View our on-demand product tour where you'll discover the benefits of leveraging an advanced route execution platform and how it can help you:

  • Optimise fleet and driver utilisation
  • Cut transport costs while meeting delivery SLAs and business KPIs
  • Link route planning with vehicle tracking to respond efficiently to live problems or delays
  • Create more efficient route plans by examining planned vs. actual data
  • Give customers real-time ETA updates for a better delivery experience
  • Provide clear insight and reports for maximum visibility of operations

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