How To Build Trust in Data with a Single Source of Truth

On-demand Webinar

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An accurate prediction of the future relies on the availability of easy to access, real-time, accurate data. 

For many years, the Consumer Packaged Goods industry has relied on a single version of the truth as the foundation for the value of PLM.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how the notion of a single version of truth will need to evolve to keep pace with an increasingly complex business landscape.

The discussion explores reasons why single version of the truth is being challenged, and how trust is an incremental process built from reliable information and complete collaboration. 

André Smuts from Thrifa, Jean-Christophe Calmejane, PLM expert from Aptean, and Greg Sassen from Vizi discuss how robust PLM systems foster trust by providing a secure platform for consistent, valuable and reliable data and insights, and how this enhances collaboration and strategic decision-making in product development and beyond.

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